About Us

Designer: Jean-Paul Xavier

An accomplished and accredited Jewelry designer, Jean-Paul Xavier draws upon his French heritage, his Australian work ethic and acquired New York craftsmanship for every single piece he creates. Having started his career as a furniture maker while studying Design and Engineering at Queensland University of Technology, Jean-Paul made an early move to New York where he excelled under the brilliant expertise of America’s foremost luxury jeweler, David Yurman. Today, Jean-Paul leads a small studio in New York City where he and his team create bespoke, handcrafted pieces for a range of clients.

Inspiration from your stories

If ‘French’ is the language of love, then ‘French jewelry’ is the physical art of expression. Hailing from three generations of designers and architects, Jean-Paul takes inspiration from the intricate detailing, symbolic storytelling, and physical art of expression that only French Jewelry is known for.

Only the highest quality and ethically sourced jewelery

We go to great lengths to responsibly and ethically source all our precious materials. We purchase our precious metal from the one of the world’s greenest refineries, based in Virginia, USA. Our diamonds are sourced from Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, Russia and South Africa. All our sources use the Kimberley Process, a world movement committed to eradicating Conflict Diamonds from the global supply chain.