Bespoke process

With our direction and expertise, we create unique engagement rings and custom jewelry that welcome your involvement and story throughout the process.

1. Inquire

The first step is simple. We have an initial meeting to discuss what you're looking for and outline any specific requests for your custom piece including stones, design and detailing.

2. Design

We then explore ideas on paper until we reach a design you're happy with. Once finalized, we can produce a sample that you can try on before we proceed into sourcing and production.

3. Source

We acquire our diamonds and gemstones from local New York-based stonecutters who turn ethically sourced, rough stones into sellable gems, resulting in a more competitive price for you. With our guidance, you’ll select your stone from a recommended selection based on quality and market value.

4. Create

Finally, we fabricate and finish your custom-made piece in our New York studio with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can then receive your heirloom-quality jewelry either by mail or in-person collection.