"I was fascinated watching it come together ... To say my desired design for an engagement ring was "unconventional" would be an understatement, and yet, the more creative we got, the more excited JPX became and in turn, I followed suit. In the end, I had a remarkable ring, a fantastic design experience and a very happy partner. I could not recommend JPX any more highly."

- Dillon

"JP did a fantastic job helping to design a unique and elegant ring based on several rounds of iteration. JP is thoughtful in his collaboration and input into customizing a perfect engagement ring. I'd highly recommend JPX to anyone looking to create something special."

- Tyler

“Thank you for helping make our special day so incredible! I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve heard 'that’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen!'”

- Gabrielle & Eduardo

"The family crest ring is great.. The quality is unbelievable. I absolutely love the design, and love following the process as we developed it. The text and videos JP sent during the process made the experience. Now the rest of the family wants one."

- Andrew